Warning of using Herbal Remedies

Mainstream doctors in tend to side with the pharmaceutical approach instead though because of the presence of the unknowns associated with herbal remedies. For instance, herbal remedies by their nature are not pure compounds and have been found to contain dangerous toxins in some studies. While most manufacturers of herbal products try to maintain standards there are unscrupulous traders who may provide herbalists with poor quality remedies. Worse still, if you are buying herbal remedies for yourself through a health-food shop or elsewhere there is an overwhelming range of products available and money back guarantees of quality. At best some of these products may simply have been so diluted down that they are effectively useless at worst they may be so strong as to risk patients overdosing on certain ingredients, or may even be contaminated with poisonous metals such as lead, mercury and arsenic. Herbal remedies imported from the East have been found to contain dangerous levels of these elements. The government is currently considering passing laws that will bring herbal remedies in to line with pharmaceuticals so that they have to pass stringent clinical tests and quality controls before they can be sold. Herbalists worry that this will mean they will not be able to use traditional remedies that have proved successful over centuries because of the costs of obtaining a licence. Many doctors in the mainstream, however, hope such laws will bring herbal medicine into line with accepted safety and efficacy standards.

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